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    Prepaste starch

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    Prepaste starch
    Prepaste starch corn

    Name:Prepaste starch corn

    Product features:
    1. This product is made from natural starch as raw material production and become, green environmental protection.
    2. Good solubility in water, cold water soluble, it is different from the main characteristic of industrial-grade modified starch.
    After 3. Soluble in water, solution thickening, have very strong adhesiveness, suspension and adhesive solution stability.
    4. Have a good film, high water retention, adhesive properties, characteristics of thixotropy.
    Mainly used for frozen food (such as dumplings, dumplings, frozen dough), flour (noodles, instant noodles), meat products, and steam in the baking flour products.
    Used to add instant noodles, also can be used in the noodles, noodles, stewed noodles, cold noodles, fresh face wet, dry noodles and dry noodles, and other flour products. Quick-frozen flour add, also can be used for other flour products such as bread, steamed bread, noodles, noodles.

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